Work from home check in survey template + Sample questionnaire

Use work from home check-in survey template to know if employees in your organization connect enough with the team during the Covid-19 pandemic. Collect data on how often they communicate and if they are facing any challenges.

Customize this free work from home check in sample questionnaire to add or remove questions. Find out if your employees need any support from the leadership team.

On a scale of 0-10, please rate how much do you like working from home?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Do you have all the support from your employer to work from home?
How often do you connect with your team?
How do you connect with your team?
Do you connect with your team for non-work related matters?
Apart from work, for what do you connect with the team?
What challenges do you face while working from home?
Do you have questions for the leadership team?
How can the leadership team help you?