Survey Templates University Surveys Remote learning pulse survey template + sample questionnaire template

Remote learning pulse survey template + sample questionnaire template

Education must never stop, and educators all around the globe are taking steps towards online teaching. With this sudden shift in the style of imparting education, it is crucial to collect feedback from university, college, and school students to improve the quality of online instruction.
This remote learning pulse survey template, designed by experts, will help you gauge the preparedness of students to participate in a remote classroom setup. Discover the roadblocks to remote learning and identify the investment needs of crucial areas. Use this pulse survey to conduct quick check-ins & stay connected with the students. Act in real-time to keep students learning fruitful.

Dear student, during these challenging times, we must ensure that your learning never stops. Please take this five-minute survey and provide your honest feedback so we can continuously take steps to improve and enhance your learning experience.

This is not a test! Please answer every question truthfully and elaborate wherever necessary.
State how worried are you about the following:
Extremely worried
Barely worried
Not worried at all
The impact of the coronavirus on your educational performance
The impact of the coronavirus on your desire to learn at the university
How easy or difficult is it you to study these days effectively?
What distractions do you face at home? (choose all that apply)
Rate your happiness with the following:
Very happy
Very unhappy
Clarity of your learning schedule.
Clarity of the tasks set for you.
The number of tasks assigned to you.
The feedback that you got on your work this week.
Learning progressed this week.
In general, how did you find learning from home this week? Share your comments and suggestions:
What are the top three most significant challenges you face while learning from home?
Thinking about the current social distancing situation, how long is this something you could comfortably maintain?
How confident are you about the following:
Extremely confident
Very confident
Somewhat confident
Not confident enough
Not confident at all
The institution’s management team will make the right decisions to push through this crisis.
The university support network’s help through this period.
What did you like about this week’s sessions?

Top 4 Reasons For Using This Remote Learning Pulse Survey Template

Explore ways to give students the best learning experience. Here are the key reasons to use this survey template:

1. Easy to understand: The questions are simple to understand and straightforward. Students do not have to stress too much to answer the questions.
2. Student distractors: Students need to pay attention, in an (almost) unsupervised virtual environment. Find out what distracts students from learning and build strategies to help them overcome these distractions.
3. Check on their mental well-being: Students are anxious about their carriers in these unexpected times. Use this template to understand what they feel about their careers and keep a tab on their mental well-being.
4. Explore the unexplored: Remote learning is a relatively new concept for many. Students and teachers are getting used to it all over the world, and it is essential to capture first-hand information from students to optimize their learning experience.