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The QuestionPro App frees you to gather survey responses even when you are offline. QuestionPro collects and stores data locally, which is then easily synced at a later time. It helps giving respondents the liberty to answer surveys from anywhere at any time while surveyors can collect the data even if there is no internet connection.

After the respondents are done taking surveys, the offline survey app for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices captures real-time data and stores it locally on the device itself. When the device finds internet connectivity, then the data stored on the iPad or the mobile devices get automatically synced with your online account or with the corresponding cloud database.

Thus, an offline mobile app provides a great and smooth survey experience to the respondents ensuring no data loss takes place in the absence of internet connectivity.

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Uses of a QuestionPro survey app for iPads

Use of mobiles and tablets is a common practice amongst people. Now businesses have developed an increasing interest to take advantage of people’s habit. Offline mobile surveys are one such concept that allows customers to provide feedback at different touch points. Here are few scenarios where offline survey apps for iPads are commonly used

  1. Remote Surveys:

    When you plan to take a survey at a remote location where the chances of getting uninterrupted internet connection are very rare, in such scenario offline mobile app helps you a great deal in not only taking surveys but also capturing the responses. Once you get the internet connectivity, just plug in the iPad and let the data sync with your online account.

  2. Event Surveys:

    Many businesses host events for different reasons and yes, they do want to know what attendees felt about the event and if the event was helpful to them in any sense. Since it is not possible to reach every attendee and ask him/her to take the survey, an offline mobile survey app for iPad serves the purpose. There are two ways to conduct the survey using iPad, either hand over the iPad to attendees asking them to pass it on to other attendees after taking the survey, or place the iPad at the entrance, exit or at such a place where foot traffic is more and requesting the attendees to take the survey. It does not matter whether the venue has an internet connection or not, the responses will be stored in an offline mode and will automatically be synced in the presence of an internet connection.

  3. Market Research:

    Getting the public opinion and reviews about a specific product is a happening practice. Businesses tend to get feedback from people before launching the product and even after launching the product. An offline mobile app that does not require working internet connection can be a boon to businesses as it can reach even the farthest corner allowing a range of customers to provide their feedback. Right feedback helps in deriving a great market insight depending on which businesses can launch the right product in the right market for the right people and at the right time.

  4. One-on-one Interaction:

    An offline mobile app is a medium to interact with live customers in real-time, Although, it feels like an interview, a few questions targeted to understand the consumer sentiments helps businesses to get deeper insights about their product/services.

Offline Surveys: Data collection without a connection

Offline Survey Mode in The QuestionPro App is integrated with your account to make sure your surveys are accessible. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and link it to your QuestionPro account. Once connected, all offline compatible surveys will be available.

Keep your surveys on-hand even when offline

Just brecause your connectivity is limited doesn't mean your surveys have to be. We have delivered a complete platform for all survey and market research scenarios.

The QuestionPro App's Offline Survey Mode unlocks these great benefits:


  • Multiple-choice Questions

    Multiple-choice (Check box type) questions are available to let users select multiple options from a list.


  • Rating Sliders

    Rating Sliders are very popular and make it easy for users to rate options by moving a slider to the desired rating or range.


  • Single-type Questions

    Single-type (Radio button type) question allows users to select a single option from a list of options.


  • Multimedia-type Questions

    Display embedded images or videos and have users answer questions based on theimages or videos.


  • Rank the Options

    Rank type questions allow users to move the options up or down in order of preference or importance.
  • Easy offline/Online Access

    Access all of your offline-compatible surveys on The QuestionPro App for iOS & Android.
  • Location Data

    The QuestionPro App utilizes geolocation to collect location information. This data is saved along with the survey response.
  • Write your own Instructions

    Display a custom text summary or instructions on how to complete the survey. This is useful for field personnel and survey respondents.
  • Branching / Skip Logic

    Offline Survey Mode retains logic to directly skip to later into the survey.
  • Free-type Questions

    Free-type questions allow users to put in text comments or values
  • Signature-type Question

    Allow users to input their signature in response to a survey question "writing" on the iPad or Android tablet's screen with your finger.

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