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iBeacon Mobile Surveys

Get hyperlocal feedback through mobile surveys on iBeacon devices and get to know what they are thinking while they are thinking.


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Research shows response rates for mobile surveys are increasing, with drop-out rates decreasing. This means more responses and more interaction from your audience, and more interaction means increased chances your audience will be coming back.


What is iBeacon?

iBeacons are low-cost, easy-to-setup devices that are ideal for location-based research. iBeacon uses bluetooth technology to communicate with nearby mobile devices and perform actions such as asking a customer to take a survey.

Who should use this?

Anyone and everyone interested in getting hyperlocal feedback can use QuestionPro + iBeacon. This includes retail establishments, conferences, event coordinators, market researchers, or anyone managing a mobile research panel. QuestionPro + iBeacon allows you to discover what someone is thinking while they are thinking it.

Why should I use Question + iBeacon?

Do you want to get a better idea of how your customers are interacting with you? Do you want to know what they're thinking before and after a purchase? Identify questions or concerns before they become issues, and gain unprecedented insights into the consumer's decision making process as it happens.

Solution Advantages

With the power of QuestionPro's survey platform,you can offer instant rewards, monitor responses in real time, even trigger emails when negative feedback is received so you can respond to your customers immediately. QuestionPro + iBeacon easily integrates with your existing iOS, Android, or Blackberry apps, as well as Bluetooth-enabled computers.

Using QuestionPro's proprietary iBeacon integration, it's possible to push QuestionPro surveys to your customers when they enter a particular location, such as a retail store or a live event. You can also control exactly when the survey is delivered; before, during, or after the experience.

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