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Field and Device Audit

Verify and eliminate fraudulent survey data collection by using various on-site recordings and reviews.


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What is Field and Device audit?

Field and Device Audit is an exclusive feature of QuestionPro offline app that allows you to verify and eliminate fraudulent survey data collection. By using various on-site recordings and reviews, you can now judge if the mobile survey data entered by a respondent is authentic or fraudulently generated by the researcher.

This feature is particularly helpful when our clients and users send employees or external vendors for on-site data collection, away from their office premises where there is lack of quality control mechanisms.

How to set up a survey for auditing in an offline app?

  • Click on the added device name
  • Go to Audit >> Device Audit - Turn it on
  • Select Survey that you want to enable the device audit.
  • Turn on Record Audio this allows respondents to record their answers
  • Specify the limit options under Start Question
  • Limit the audio recording time by editing the Record Duration (seconds)
  • To capture images turn on the Capture Picture feature and specify whether you want to capture images at the start or the end of the survey.
  • Turn on Capture Location to get the location of the respondents.

View results of the device audit

  • Go to Analytics >> Analysis >> Device Audit
  • You will be redirected to the Device Audit Overview
  • Click on the device name for which you set up a device audit
  • You will be redirected to the Audit Responses page
  • You can download voice recordings and images from here or view the location of the respondent.

Additional permissions required by the app

  • The device needs to give the app access to the camera, microphone, and device location.
  • If any device denies these permissions then that data is captured and shown for every individual response.

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