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Data Visualization App for mobile

A survey data visualization app for your iPad that allows you to view dashboard and import data from your QuestionPro account.


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The QuestionPro App is a data visualization app for your iPad that allows you to instantly view data gathered from QuestionPro. Seamlessly import data from your QuestionPro account and use the interactive charts to analyze and present your data. The QuestionPro App App is cloud-based, the perfect data dashboard to access, present and report on your surveys anytime, anywhere.

Now collecting customer feedback, conducting market research, and capturing leads without internet connection is as easy as designing a survey using QuestionPro.

Data visualization dashboard - on the go

The QuestionPro App allows you to view and interact with your data: select from multiple chart types, analyze differences between data points using our 'Spotlight' function, and aggregate data points using hand gestures. Once you have synced your account, you won't need to be online to put it to use; just use the "offline" mode to continue your work.

How offline mobile app works?

In order to access or use the QuestionPro offline mobile app , you need to be a registered user or you must hold any QP license. The offline mobile app works in four easy steps to collection and data visualization.

  1. Obviously, you are a registered user and you want to conduct surveys. First thing you have to do is create a survey using our online survey maker tool and test it ensuring it is good to go live. After creating the survey go to ‘Distribute’ button and I the far-right corner you will see ‘Mobile App’ button, Click it.
  2. If you haven’t downloaded the QuestionPro offline mobile app yet, you need to download it now. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store and iPhone users can download it from Apple App Store.
  3. Now click on the ‘Add Device’ button and enter the device name and path of the survey you just created in the QP. Now go to the mobile app and login using provided username and password. Your mobile device will be in kiosk mode and is ready to use.
  4. Now, you can use the device as a kiosk or circulate the device for respondents to take the survey. Gather as many responses as you can. You can visualize and analyze the data in the mobile app itself or you can sync the data with your QuestionPro account whenever your device is connected to the internet. Now all your collected data is at one place that can be accessed and analyzed at any time.

Check out these great features designed to simplify your decision making:

  • Mobile surveys on any devices : Using QuestionPro offline mobile app, surveyors can now collect data related to a survey response and feedback through any Android mobile device, tablet as well as through iPads and iPhones.
  • No need of internet : As the name suggests, the app is an offline mobile app. Therefore, leave your worries of Wi-Fi availability aside as the app conducts offline surveys on the go and maintains data o the device until it is synced with the database.
  • Customization of surveys : With QuestionPro mobile app you have the flexibility to customize the survey design using customized theme and brand logo which reflects your brand personality and instantly connects with the audiences taking the survey.
  • Chart types : Easily create pie, line and bar charts, depending on how you want to display your data.

    QuestionPro Data Visualization App Screenshot5

  • Spotlight your data : Analyze differences between data points using our Spotlight function. With Spotlight you can quickly compare percentage differences by simply using touch gestures.

    QuestionPro Data Visualization App Screenshot4

  • Aggregate and group data with gestures : Use your touch screen to aggregate and group different sets of data for easy analytics.
  • Quickly Share Results : Whenever you're ready, just touch the "share" button in the upper right hand corner, and easily share via email, Facebook or Twitter!

    QuestionPro Data Visualization App Screenshot4

QuestionPro is the most trusted and affordable offline mobile survey app solution that allows you to create beautiful surveys and collect feedbacks and responses on the go. Get actionable insights by utilizing embedded powerful analysis and reporting tools in the easy-to-use intuitive app dashboard.

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