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Evaluation of Market Potential Survey Template

The evaluation of market potential survey template can be used in case you are intending to launch a new business or a new product or service in an already established market. The market potential varies directly according to the change in the region. This survey example can help you in understanding whether the customers would prefer purchasing the product online or offline, which region do they belong to, how much are they willing to spend on a particular product, what are their likes and dislikes etc. This customizable sample survey template can be edited to include questions which can provide insights about the sense of urgency in the audience, is there enough market size to accommodate a new business or a new product along with the already existing businesses, what can be the price range for the products, how easy or hard will it be to acquire a new customer in the market, what unique can your company offer that will suffice market requirement, will there be scope for growth in the market in the next 10-20-30 years so that it is worth spending a fortune to launch a business or product or service.

Where do you live?
Would you use an online [PRODUCT]?
What's the range of your portfolio size?
What would you pay for an online [PRODUCT]?
What's your education level?

Why conduct an Evaluation of Market Potential Survey?

It is important to conduct a market potential evaluation survey as the decision about whether or not a particular section of a market can be targeted for sales depends extensively on factors such as age, education and family income. It becomes easy for an organization to promote their products after understanding their purchasing capabilities.

Here are 5 other reasons for conducting an evaluation of market potential survey:

  • By sending across a market potential evaluation survey, you can analyze buying patterns by including questions about purchasing habits. This way, you and your team can eliminate those customers whom you feel have no will to spend and that your products are not worth marketing to that audience.
  • Market potential evaluation questionnaires can be useful is building a roadmap as they are key to understand scope of the market in a few years. By conducting these surveys, you know that if a market is not going to flourish in the coming few years, it is not worth your time and effort.
  • How competitive is the market? - Answer to this question can be influential in understanding and evaluating your product’s success. An evaluation of market potential survey can be edited to inquire about the competitiveness in the market.
  • Money, time and other resources can be saved by conducting thorough research of a market using evaluation of market potential questionnaire sample templates.
  • New opportunities can be created according to the market potential evaluated using these surveys.

Best Uses of Evaluation of Market Potential Survey

  • Circulate market potential evaluation questionnaire to analyze demand of the potential product which can then be developed only according to the analysis results.
  • Any change in a product can be implemented by understanding whether there is enough potential in the market.
  • Development of products or changes in existing products can be conducted according to new opportunities.