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Project management in InsightsHub

Create a project, then link a survey (or other tool) to that project. When research is complete, store key findings and nuggets inside each project – easy to find later on and link with other projects.

Update project status

Because InsightsHub stores all your insights data in one place, we've built-in powerful project status indicators that make it easy to monitor project progress.

It's a simple but powerful tracker that shows how long a Project has been in its current status. Project X has been in Queued for 18 days? Something is wrong, and it's probably time to go see what's happening. Project Y was just updated to Complete? Go see the deliverable and add-in the Project expenses for Accounting.

Project statuses make InsightsHub a true insights project management solution.

Monitor activity team-wide

Whenever someone updates information insights of InsightsHub, the relevant Project automatically logs the change.

These changes are shown alongside the user’s name and profile picture, so keeping tabs on who’s doing what across your research team is easy. InsightsHub even features a real-time homepage dashabord that shows all changes made across the platform.

Customize project workflows

Every insights team is different. That's why InsightsHub makes it possible to customize the workflows applied to different projects and programs. This way, your insights team can stay on top of research projects and deadlines in a way that works for them.