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Cross-project analysis in InsightsHub

Smart-tagging, deep search, and knowledge graphing make it possible to generate insights from across your entire database. Connect projects together to discover meta-themes and cross-project trends that take your research to the next level.

Visualize cross-project relationships

Knowledge Graphs in InsightsHub help you visualize the relationships between projects and larger themes or ideas.

By graphing insights together across projects, InsightsHub helps identify research gaps or relationships you might not have known existed.

For example, one of your researchers may have been adding Projects to a Knowledge Graph called competitor analysis, while another might be adding Projects to a Knowledge Graph called super-user interviews. Once enough Projects have been added to these Knowledge Graphs, InsightsHub will indicate how what percent of Projects in each Knowledge Graph overlaps with the other. This exposes opportunities for deep-dive analysis on how these two themes overlap inside InsightsHub.

Deep-search notes and files

Search for any of your insights data — even inside of uploaded files!

From the InsightsHub homepage, researchers can search for anything that exists inside of InsightsHub. Searches can be refined based on “exact text” or “includes,” and search results will display based on the type of content being returned (Projects, Notes, or Files).

Even many files that you upload will be searched. For example, if you’ve added a Microsoft Word file that includes the phrase “teen consumer interview,” InsightsHub will show you the relevant file. In this way, InsightsHub is a true and final repository for all your insights.

Meta-tags for enhanced graphing

Custom tags and meta-tags means your insights are always organized, no matter what.

Unlike other knowledge bases, InsightsHub content is tagged and filed from the second it’s added. It’s impossible for users to add unclassified content to InsightsHub, which helps to keep InsightsHub clean and easy for anyone to access (whether or not they’re on your insights team).