Customizable thank you page in surveys


What is a customizable thank you page in surveys?

A customizable thank you page lets you add content, pictures, and URL to your survey exit pages. It will be shown to the participants once they complete the survey and are about to leave.

Adding a personalized message at the end of the survey leaves a good impression on your respondents and improves their overall experience.

Thank you or exit pages for surveys can be a good way of engaging your survey respondents. You can also create a strong brand of your organzation with custom fonts, colors and logo.

You can preview customized thank you page to get an idea of how it looks before going live. Some of the resources you can add on the page along with a note of gratitude can be:

Example of a customizable thank you page

You can use the survey exit page to share content like case-studies, blogs or relevant statistics with your respondents. This will ensure that you engage with them even after the survey is complete and offer value.


Another way you can use this featureis to promote your products or services to the survey respondents. You can have links to product pages or brochures that trigger collateral downloads, account sign-ups, etc. You can also have a form for respondents to sign up for newsletters, product updates, offers, and more.


Uses of a customizable thank you page in surveys

A custom thank you page is displayed when the respondents are done answering all the questions and click on the submit button. You can draft a message thanking them for their time and feedback.

In return of their responses, you can offer a discount coupon or redirect them to leave a review for you products and services on third-party sites. You can also share the latest updates about your products, blogs, offers and more through a customizable thank you page.

Advantages of creating surveys with customizable thank you page

There are many advantages to using customizable thank you page in surveys such as:

How to use customizable thank you page in surveys?

To use customizable thank you page in surveys, read our help files on how to set up a customizable thank you page.

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