Customizable Thank-you Page

Where can I set up the Thank You page for respondents?

To set up the Thank You page, go to:

  • Login »  Surveys  (Select Survey) »  Edit »  Completion »  Finish Options
  • Select your desired thank you page option from the Finish Options drop-down. You can select from two variations of the Thank You page - the Default Thank You Page, or the Thank You Page with Link.
  • Click Save.

Default Thank You Page

To select the Default Thank You Page, select None from the drop-down (this is the default option).


The default thank you page reads, “Thank you! Get your FREE QuestionPro Account Today!” and offers a link for respondents to set up their own QuestionPro accounts.


Thank You Page with Link

  • Check the box to Show Thank You Link. Enter the Link Text desired, then the Website Address the link text should go to when clicked. Unchecking this box will skip the thank you link and will only show the custom message for respondents who complete the survey.
  • Enter a custom Message for respondents. You can use HTML in the message text to format and to point to a URL in the message text.
    • To display the Response ID include the system tag: ${response_id}. When respondents answer the survey, they will see their respective unique response id.
    • To display custom variables, including the scoring variable on the thank you page, use the code: ${custom1}, ${custom2} and so on. For the score variable, use ${score}.
  • Click Save.

Upon completion, respondents will see a page with the custom message, followed by the link text, and then “Powered by QuestionPro.”