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What is a survey reminder email?

An email sent to the respondents to remind them to answer the survey is referred to as a survey reminder email.This email is to follow-up on your audiences to respond to your survey and is sent after the survey invitation email.

At times, people don't respond to the survey invitation email, and they need to be nudged again to take the survey. When reminded, many of them complete the survey. Thus, reminder emails help improve completion rate and aid in research studies.

QuestionPro lets you send email reminder to complete the survey. You can send it to all the participants who are yet to take the survey. When sending the email, you can choose a default template or create your custom survey reminder email template. Emails are sent out based on the address status in the delivery batch.

Example of a survey reminder email

Assume you have already sent an email inviting the participants to take the survey. However, some of them haven't taken the survey yet. So you follow up with them through a survey completion reminder email.

QuestionPro users can apply validation on an email address field to ensure the bots and automated software agents do not exploit the system. If the text entered by the respondent does not match the standard format of an email address, the survey software will display a validation message.

Here's the survey reminder email example that you can use to get more responses.

Subject: Customer Satisfaction Survey - We care for your feedback.

Dear [First Name],

We recently sent you an invite to our [Survey_Link] to let us know your experience with our services.

The survey will take about 7 mins to complete and in return, we would like to offer you a $25 Amazon gift card.

Your feedback matters to us, and your response will help us improve the quality of our services.

For any queries, you can always contact our [Support_Team_Link].

Thank you,

[Your Name],

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The above email is short and crisp. As it already mentions the time it will take to complete the survey, respondents will be able to decide whether to take the survey.

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How to set up reminder emails for your surveys?

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