Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Case Study

How MCCA conducts contactless health screens for employees and visitors before they enter the premises.

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Putting health and safety first with the contactless health screens surveys - QuestionPro Case Study


Facilities everywhere had to shutter their doors due to COVID. Since then, convention centers across the country have been reopened and repurposed as field hospitals, food distribution centers and even hurricane evacuation shelters during the pandemic.

In order to reopen, many have to scramble to fill out daily health forms on pen and paper. Since a priority of prevention is limitless contact pen and paper are no longer a feasible solution. New safety precautions and standards are now required for any institution to reopen and health screens are an essential aspect of current entrance protocols.


To confirm individuals are COVID-symptom free before they enter a building or premise. Using QuestionPro Surveys the MCCA was able to implement Contactless Health Screening that was a simple pop-up activated on a visitors personal device. This solution renders on cell phones, computers or tablets and helps to protect health care workers, maintenance crew and conference center employees from exposure to COVID. When completed, a confirmation screen tells the individual they can proceed into the premises. This ensures safety and ensures the facility is liability free from exposing entrants to COVID.

Digital Contactless Health Screens confirm all individuals are COVID symptom-free before coming on-premises.

Process and Activation

The MCCA was able pivot from their traditional use of surveys for event retrospect and customer satisfaction to Contactless Health Screening in under 2 days. This showcases not only the usability of QuestionPro as a whole but also the ease of transition from MCCA.

  • Called QuestionPro and explained the solution they were looking to solve.
  • Built initial survey for screening.
  • Took 1 day of testing for their specific system.
  • Kicked off survey 2 days after the initial call.
  • Screened over 300 people on their first day

How to get started

It can take as little as 30 minutes to get started. We have a step by step process and training ready in order to make this transition or kickoff as seamless as possible.

  1. Confirm logo is correct
  2. 1 Administrator to manage access to data
  3. Sign off on design
  4. 30 Minute training session
  5. Update entrance signage

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