Thales Case Study

A leading In-Flight Entertainment solutions provider conducts online surveys for airlines to collect data and improve customer experience.

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Collecting customer feedback for actionable insights at Thales - QuestionPro Case Study


Customer satisfaction is always on top of the mind for airlines. Unhappy or disengaged customers mean fewer passengers and hence less revenue. Research suggests cumulative ROI on a Customer Experience (CX) program for airlines over 7 years is greater than 150%. However, the efficiency of a CX program depends on the accuracy of the data.

Thales InFlyt Experience technology keeps passengers entertained as they fly from one part of the world to the other. It also gives them an edge over other systems to collect customer satisfaction data close to the point of experience.

Airlines leverage the potential of customers’ feedback to improve their experience and increase customer loyalty


To tackle the huge challenge of collecting customer feedback from different points of the customer journey.

  • To build a solution on top of the existing In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) architecture, built around Android Services on a Linux platform.
  • To enable real-time data collection.
  • To focus on the core business and leave software development to experts.
  • To find an economically viable customer experience data collection and management platform.


QuestionPro worked with Thales technical team to ensure that the solution and integration architecture correlated with multiple touch-points to get deep insights into CX. This was achieved by

  • Developing a solution for managing the surveys and moving data from the airplanes to the cloud.
  • Integrating the survey software with the IFE architecture while complying with US/Europe data security & privacy laws including GDPR.
  • Enabling Thales to find a relationship between customer experience and employee engagement.
  • Analyzing customer journey for different segments and classes.

  • Thales became a valuable part of a critical decision chain.
  • A custom solution based on a licensing model at 1/3rd capital costs.
  • An advanced technical solution flow to meet business goals, strategy and guidelines.
  • A complete customer feedback and data collection system to efficiently measure customer experience.

Empowering Thales

QuestionPro helped Thales gather customer experience data for its airline customers and enabled them to distinguish promoters and detractors with an NPS survey.

The solution that helped 80+ airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways and American Airlines with:

  • A feedback model to make real-time changes to service delivery.
  • Responding quickly to the needs and close the loop with passengers before they hit social media.
  • Identification of promoters, passives and detractors based on NPS.
  • Discovery of hidden bottlenecks in providing the best CX.
  • Aggregation of CX data for detailed analytics on the cloud.

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