Thales Case Study

QuestionPro enterprise survey software helps Thales to be a part of critical decision chain at 1/3rd capital costs.

Thales provides a wide range of services, technology, and equipment to businesses in aerospace, space, transportation and defence sectors. Globally, they architect solutions that support 85 Million mainline and suburban passenger journeys each day. Their rail signalling and communication systems are used in 16 countries on more than 52,000 trains per day covering 40,000 miles. With an advanced ticketing system, more than 50 million ticketing transactions are processed in 100 cities daily.

Thales InFlyt Experience technology keeps passengers entertained as they fly from one part of the world to the other.

Thales had a huge challenge of collecting feedback from passenger at the point of experience. They wanted an economically viable solution that would work on their In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) devices built around Android services on Linux platform.

QuestionPro helped Thales in developing a technical solution to collect customer experience data and move the offline data from the airplanes to cloud. With GDPR compliant survey solution, airlines were able to close the feedback loop, discover hidden bottlenecks and improve service delivery in quick turnaround time.

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