The environment for your API endpoint depends upon your account's data center. Please go through the following table to check the value of the enivronment variable {{env}} for your API endpoints:

Datacenter Environment Value Example Endpoint
US com https://api.questionpro.com/a/api/v2/organizations/{{organization-id}}
EU eu https://api.questionpro.eu/a/api/v2/organizations/{{organization-id}}
CA ca https://api.questionpro.ca/a/api/v2/organizations/{{organization-id}}
AE ae https://api.questionpro.ae/a/api/v2/organizations/{{organization-id}}
AU com.au https://api.questionpro.com.au/a/api/v2/organizations/{{organization-id}}

Use the above environment value as per your datacenter to replace {{env}} in your API calls.

If your account is on Surveyanalytics, US Government or AE Government then please check the following table to get the API endpoint URL for your datacenter:

Datacenter Endpoint domain Example URL
Surveyanalytics api.surveyanalytics.com https://api.surveyanalytics.com/a/api/v2/organizations/{{organization-id}}
US Government api.questionprogov.com https://api.questionprogov.com/a/api/v2/organizations/{{organization-id}}
How to find out the data center for your QuestionPro account?

To view the data center for your account, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to your QuestionPro account.
  • Click on the My Account icon on the top-right corner.
  • At the bottom of the My Account dropdown, you can see the datacenter for your QuestionPro account.
  • Read the help file for more information