Dr. Parves Khan

  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-parves-khan-35230228 With over 25 years under her belt, Dr. Parves is an insight leader with a strong track record of transforming research functions into insight powerhouses. She has been working in the field of data analytics for over two decades. Her passion is bringing data to life with powerful curation and storytelling. She has been at the helm of global insight functions across FTSE 100 businesses, drawing on her experience and skills in using insights to shape and drive business and marketing strategies and product innovations. She is also a mentor to young female researchers through Women in Research. In May 2021, Dr. Khan was awarded the accolade of being one of the UK's 20 top most inspirational women in Data & Technology by Women in Data, which is a movement and a force for change in the realm of data science and analytics. Dr. Khan is currently CEO of ESOMAR, a global professional association driving excellence in research, insight and data.


Articles by Dr. Parves Khan

Do we need a new data regulatory regime for the Metaverse?

Open questions around data regulations in the Metaverse

Introduction In this futuristic world, people will interact in a virtual environment with digital representations of other people, places, and experiences. This could involve...
11 min read