Assessment - System Email Templates

System email templates helps you manage all the email invitations. These templates can be saved and used for vendors in a portal.

Where can I set up Email Invitation Templates?

Go to: Assessments

  • Click on the Portal link
  • Click on the Template menu
  • Select New Member Email Verification Template or Welcome Email Template to make changes
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  • New Member Email Verification Template: When a new vendere is added to a portal, a confirmation e-mail is sent to verify the vendor. An auto-generated verification URL is inserted in the email. Once the vendor click on this link, his email address will be verified and he will land on the portal
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  • Welcome Email Template: If you want to send a Welcome Email Template, enable the option for Welcome Email. Fill in the details and click on Save Changes.
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What are Replacement Variables?

Replacement variables are similar to "mail merge" tags. You can insert the replacement variable tags in your email and they will be dynamically replaced with appropriate data for each vendor when sending email invitations.

Replacement Variable Tag
Portal Name {PORTAL_NAME}
Verification URL {VERIFY_URL}
Vendor password {PASSWORD}
Verification HREF link {VERIFY_HREF}
Vendor Name {FIRST_NAME}
Vendor ID {Vendor_MEMBER_ID}
Vendor's Email Address {EMAIL_ADDRESS}
Custom Variable 1 {CUSTOM1}
Custom Variable 2 {CUSTOM2}
Custom Variable 3 {CUSTOM3}
Custom Variable 4 {CUSTOM4}
Custom Variable 5 {CUSTOM5}

Also you can use Profile Fields as replacement variables.

Replacement Variable Tag
Field name {PROFILE_ID}

for example : Vendor Type {PROFILE_18634}

Replacement Variable: New Member Email Verification Template

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Replacement Variable: Welcome Email Template

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