MicroPoll Wordpress Plugin - How To?

Got a WordPress blog and need to embed a MicroPoll into it? Now its simple with the MicroPoll widget for Wordpress. You can easily embed any MicroPoll right into your WordPress blog without any programming whatsoever.
Normally, JavaScript code has to be inserted on each page where you want micropoll to be used. That approach requires editing of templates and including conditionals based on post ID. The plugin makes it easy to incorporate the MicroPoll service in your WordPress blog without editing templates by providing a MicroPoll widget that can be used in any widget-ready theme.

What are the steps involved?

In Wordpress:

  • Download and unzip the plugin
  • Copy the micropoll folder to the plugins directory of your blog
  • Enable the plugin in your admin panel
  • An options panel will appear under Plugins
  • Paste in your embed code
  • Enable the MicroPoll widget

Where can I get the embed code for my MicroPoll?

Go To:

  • Login »  My MicroPolls »  Poll Rotation »  Landing Page

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For more information on Landing page please see under Additional References.

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