Answer Display Order

Answer display order helps to sort the answer options in different ways. Answers display order can be set in ascending, descending, randomize and default format.

To change the answer display order:

  • Click on question Settings.
  • Click on Answer Display Order.
  • Select from Default, Ascending, Descending or Randomize options.
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How does the answer display oder work?

  • Default: Answer options will be displayed in the same order as set by the user.
  • Ascending: Answer options will be sorted in ascending order alphabetically.
  • Descending: Answer options will be sorted in descending order alphabetically.
  • Randomize: Answer options will be shown randomly to each respondent.

How can I set up questions so that a default answer is pre-selected?

  • Click on the drop down next to the answer option.
  • Check the Default Selected box.
This option is available for all multiple choice questions (select one, select many, and drop-down menu) and matrix tables (but not for spreadsheet matrix tables).

What does it mean to make a response option exclusive?

Making a response option exclusive means that when the option is selected, no other option can be selected. This is typically used in the case of a multiple select – select many (check box) questions. This helps with analysis so that a respondent can’t accidentally select an option along with the “none of the above” type of option, resulting in an answer that is contradictory.

How can I make a response option exclusive?

  • Click on the drop down next to the answer option.
  • Check the Exclusive Option box.

How can I exclude an option from Randomization?

  • Click on the drop down next to the answer option.
  • Check the Exclude from Randomization Option box, for the answer option that you do not want to randomize.
  • Exclude randomization is visible only when randomize options is selected under answer display order.
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With which question type does the answer display order works?

  • Uni Choice - Select One, Drop Down, Image Chooser (Selct One)
  • Multiple Choice - Select Many, Image Chooser (Select Many)
  • ​​Rank Order / Drag N Drop
  • Constant Sum

Following are the languages supported:

Bahasa IndonesiaItalian
Chinese (Simplified - gb2312)Latvian
Chinese (Traditional - Big5)Lithuanian
Chinese Hong KongMacedonian
Chinese [Hong Kong]Malay
DutchPortuguese [Brazilian]
English (UK)Russian
French [Canada]Spanish [Latin America]


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