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Webinar | How to Analyze Survey Data


How to Analyze Survey Data

Conducting a survey is simply not enough, in order to get the most out of your information, you need to be able to analyze and interpret the results. In this webinar, we will show you how to make sense of quantitative data, from looking at the answers and survey goals, to crunching the numbers and drawing conclusions.

Past Webinars

Webinar | Core - Survey Design Webinar

Survey Design Webinar: Proven Methodologies for Surveys that Work

In this webinar learn how to design a survey that does what you want, how to turn survey goals into real survey questions and how to turn resources into insightful data.

Webinar | Communities - Intelligent Community Engagement

Deeper Insights Through Intelligent Community Engagement

How to get people to join an online community, how to increase levels of engagement and participation and how to sustaining it over time. Learn in this webinar.

Webinar | Core - Guide to Effective Online Surveys

The Ultimate Guide To Effective Online Surveys

Learn how to set research objectives, understand your audience, create the right survey questions, how to distribute and analyze your surveys, and how to make informed decisions derived from your surveys.

Webinar | Mobile - Changing the Face of Data Intelligence

How Mobile Innovation Is Changing the Face of Data Intelligence

Experts deep-dive into mobile as the marketing measurement and data collection platform and provide a holistic view of current and future opportunities for marketers.

Webinar | Conjoint - Guide to Choice-based Conjoint Analysis

Beginners Guide to Choice-based Conjoint Analysis

This webinar reviews, how Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis, one of the most powerful analytics tool works and what business questions it can answer.

Webinar | WorkXO - Better Performance Management

The Secret to Better Performance Management

How to create a system which makes sure that top performers get rewarded, that people are growing and developing, and performance is getting better over time

Webinar | Maxdiff - Guide to MaxDiff Scaling

A Beginners Guide to MaxDiff Scaling

In this webinar, learn how MaxDiff Scaling works, how to get accurate consumer insights, why it is superior to rating scales and what business questions it can answer.

Webinar | Communities - Best Practices

Driving Innovative Research: Online Communities Best Practices

This webinar dives into four areas of online community management - Recruitment, Engagement, Data Collection and Rewards. Learn the tips and tricks to create your buzzing community.

Webinar | WorkXO - Authentic Employer Branding

The Secret to Recruiting Talent: Authentic Employer Branding

Find out how to use data to create an authentic employer brand and design the culture you want, rather than default to the culture you have.

Webinar | Core - Products

Products Your Customers Want to Use Anywhere, Anytime

Learn how to develop products based on ever-changing customer demand. This webinar goes over product development lifecycle and shows how to get customers coming back for more.

Webinar | CX - Turn Detractors into Promoters

Don't Let Angry Customers Kill Your Business: Turn Detractors into Promoters

In this webinar learn how to take proactive steps to follow up with dissatisfied customers and transform your detractors into promoters.

Webinar | Workforce - Retain Top Talent

Strategies to Acquire and Retain Top Talent

If you love the new hire of yours, chances are, your competitor wants him too. Learn how to acquire and retain your top talent.

Webinar | Core - Building Amazing Products with Your Customers

A 7 Step Framework For Building Amazing Products with Your Customers

In this webinar, our experts share how to adopt a customer-centric culture and involve customers in your product development process to build amazing products.

Webinar | Communities - Engagement During & After The Holiday Season

Community Engagement During & After The Holiday Season

Learn how to engage community members, how to collect relevant insights from the holiday campaigns and utilize the insights to keep engagement after the holiday season.

Webinar | CX - 9 Rules for Activating Promoters

How to Market WITH, not TO: 9 Rules for Activating Promoters

Learn how to engage enthusiastic customers in order to turn them into a powerful marketing force and capture the value that stems from customer satisfaction.

Webinar | Communities - Why Should You Embrace Them

Online Communities: Why Should You Embrace Them

Find out why customer engagement is so important, how it can improve your customer experience and how QuestionPro Communities, can provide the right environment and tools for such engaging activities.

Webinar | Workforce - Engaging Your Employees

Engaging Your Employees: What You Are Getting Wrong

Find out which parts of your culture bring you value and what parts of your work culture are hindering your company's performance.