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QuestionPro for Dummies

QuestionPro eBook

Download our survey and data intelligence eBooks. Deep dive into advanced survey functions such as conjoint analysis and max diff, and learn about QuuestionPro’s most valuable integrations.

eBooks | QuestionPro for Dummies

QuestionPro for Dummies

Developed by QuestionPro, you will learn how to create, distribute, and track effective online surveys

eBooks | Dynamic Online Surveys

Developing Dynamic Online Surveys

Learn to develop dynamic surveys for your market research using the QuestionPro survey software tool

eBooks | Conduct an Online Survey

How to Effectively Conduct an Online Survey

Learn How to set objectives, create an unbiased sequence of topics, and how to conduct an effective online survey

eBooks | MaxDiff Scaling

Introduction to MaxDiff Scaling

MaxDiff Scaling is an approach for obtaining preference scores for brands, brand images, product features, advertising claims, and much more.

eBooks | Conjoint Analysis

Introduction to Conjoint Analysis

With Conjoint Analysis, you will learn the ability to develop market simulation models that can predict consumer behavior.

eBooks | TURF Analysis

Introduction to TURF Analysis

TURF Analysis helps analyze market potential and devising optimal communication and placement strategies using multiple choice.

eBooks | Online Survey Questions

Writing Great Online Survey Questions

Avoid some of the common pitfalls when creating a great questionnaire. You will learn to create a survey design with optimized questions.

eBooks | panel-management

Introduction to Panel Management

Learn the importance of Panel Management services for online research. You will learn how a panel lets you build a relationship with your customers

eBooks | MicroPanel

QuestionPro MicroPanel

The QuestionPro Panel Network is designed for companies interested in developing, managing and monetizing custom online panels.

eBooks | Mobile Field Surveys

Mobile Field Surveys Using SurveyPocket

QuestionPro SurveyPocket provides a complete solution for mobile field survey data collection and analysis between surveyors across different locations.

eBooks | Salesforce’s CRM Platform

Integrate Surveys with Salesforce’s CRM Platform

Learn to Integrate Customer Surveys into Salesforce's CRM Platform for clear effective business results.

eBooks | Text Analytics

Learn the Importance of Text Analytics

QuestionPro text analytics focuses on the techniques you can use to extract the value out of the open-ended comments of respondents.

eBooks | Mobile Research

Mobile Research Solutions

QuestionPro Mobile Research provides a complete solution for mobile field survey data collection and analysis.

eBooks | Survey Design Tips

Online Survey Design Tips

Learn some of the common pitfalls in creating a great questionnaire. You will learn to properly implement a survey design with optimized questions.

eBooks | Panel Network Analytics

Panel Network Analytics Solutions

QuestionPro’s Panel Network Analytics Solutions is composed of more than 5 million active members who are qualified to participate in research studies at any level.

eBooks | Student Academic

Student Academic Solutions

QuestionPro is the ideal tool for your students to learn about how surveys can be used, including powerful conjoint, TURF and NPS modules.