Customized piping for constant sum questions

The Custom Validation : Piped Data Prior Question allows you to configure the total for a Constant Sum question based on a response from the respondent to a prior question.

For example : If you have a question that asks for the respondents monthly income, and then have the respondent fill out a constant sum question that totals to the respondents monthly income.

Important Notes

  • There has to be a page-break between the "Source" question and the Constant Sum Question
  • Validation must be turned on for Dyanmic Constant Sum Total.
  • The "Source" question should be a Numeric Question Type and MUST BE A REQUIRED OPTION i.e. users must fill in a numeric value. User should NOT enter in symbols like "$" etc. when entering values for the "Source" question

I want to be able to split up two numeric value questions so that the respondent enters a total value, then has to split that value among smaller values in a follow-up question (example: total number of children, followed by how many in various age categories). How can I set this up?

    • Login »  Surveys »  Edit
  • Create the two questions. The first must be a required numeric text entry question. The second must be a required constant sum question.
  • To make the questions required click on the Edit icon, and check the box for Response is Required option
  • Include a page break after the numeric text entry question.
  • Click on Edit >> Settings >> Validation and Settings for the Constant Sum question type.
  • Under Sum Value, remove the value (leave the field blank).
  • From the Sum Value drop-down, select prior question (the only option listed will be the prior numeric data entry question you’d created).
  • Click Save .
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