Minimum System Requirements / Browser Requirements for Surveys

Which Browsers/Operating Systems are Supported?

We support all main-stream browsers. QuestionPro works independent of Operating Systems and has been tested using the following browsers:

Browser/Operating System Version
Microsoft Windows
Internet Explorer Version 7 and higher
Mozilla/Firefox Version 14 and higher
Google Chrome All Versions
Opera All Versions
Safari Version 3 and higher
Firefox Version 14 and higher
Are there any specific Browser Requirements / Settings?

Our Software/Surveys work optimally on default browser settings. These include:

For Survey Administration/Development the browser must:

  • Accept Cookies
  • Disable Popup Blockers
  • Enable JavaScript

For Survey Respondents (Users taking the survey):

  • Enable Cookies
Can I have multiple windows/sessions open at the same time?

We do not recommend that you have multiple browser sessions open at the same time.