Minimum system requirements

Which browsers and operating systems are supported?

We support all main-stream browsers. QuestionPro works independent of operating systems and has been tested using the following browsers.

Browser/Operating System Version
Microsoft Windows
Internet Explorer Version 9 and higher
Mozilla/Firefox Version 14 and higher
Google Chrome All Versions
Opera All Versions
Safari Version 3 and higher
Firefox Version 14 and higher

Are there any specific browser requirements or settings?

Our software works optimally on default browser settings. Please check that the following settings are set for your browser.

For Survey Administration/Development, the browser must:

  • Accept cookies
  • Disable popup blockers
  • Enable JavaScript

For Survey Respondents (users taking the survey), the browser must:

  • Accept cookies

Can I have multiple windows/sessions open at the same time?

We do not recommend that you have multiple browser sessions open at the same time.