Side-By-Side matrix

A matrix question allows you to collect data for a single dimension. A side by side matrix lets you collect data on 2 or more dimensions. To add a side-by-side matrix question:

  1. Click on
    • Login »  Surveys »  Edit
  2. Click the blue"Add Question" button to add a question.
  3. Under Standard Question Types, select Matrix tab, then Side-by-Side Matrix.
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  5. Enter the dimensions you want to measure. This should have the syntax:
  6. Dimension Name[Left Anchor Text,Right Anchor Text]
  7. Enter the attributes and rating scale values you want to display.
  8. Click Save Question.
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There are various settings available with this question type-

1. Validation and Display settings:

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  • Validation:There are various types of validations QuestionPro provides.

    You can set the question to be mandatory ( Require response). Check how

    You can code your own javascript validation for the question. Check how

  • Display Options: To display the side-by-side matrix with drop-downs instead of radio buttons:
    1. Hover over the question and click on Settings Icon.
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Under Validation and Display Settings, select Drop Down List from the drop-down menu for Display Options.
    4. Click Save.
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2. Tips:

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You can add tips on how to take the survey or what exactly the question means so that the respondent finds it easier to respond without any confusion. Check How

What are matrix dimensions?

The attributes are the different factors that apply to all the dimensions that need to be measured. In the above example, Customer Service, Product Packaging, and On-Time Arrival are the attributes that are being measured. Enter the attributes, one per line.

  1. Customer Service
  2. Product Packaging
  3. On-Time Arrival

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What is the Scale Definition?

The scale definition is the number of points (and the text for each of the points) you want in the scale. In the above example, we are using a 5-point rating scale.

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What is the Not Applicable/Other Option?

In cases where there is a possibility that respondents cannot choose a scale or a particular attribute is not applicable to them, they should be able to choose a value in the scale that DOES NOT contribute to the overall score (average.)

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Can I change the "Structure" of the question once it's created (add/remove scales etc.)

At this point, QuestionPro DOES NOT allow for editing the structure of the question. You'll have to delete the question and re-create the question if you want to change the structure. You can however edit the text of the questions and the scales as you see fit.

What type of analysis is available for this question type

QuestionPro provides integrated Gap Analysis exclusively for this question type.

Can I do filtering and grouping (data segmentation) based on Side-By-Side matrix questions?

Yes. Please see the Grouping and Segmentation help below.

Can I apply logic on this question?

Currently, logic cannot be applied on this question, unless you use the custom scripting feature.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

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