Question separators

What are question separators?
Adding question separators results in separating questions and for better look and feel. Removing separators results in the questions being displayed close to each other. You can remove the separators to group certain questions in the survey to help create sections. When a question is added to the survey, question separators are added by default.

How can I add or remove question separators?

  • Click on Login » Surveys » Edit Survey
  • You can add or remove the separator by clicking on the check box for Separator option.

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Can I remove or add separators for all the questions at once?

Yes, you can remove the question separators all at once from Global Edit Options.

  • Go to Edit Survey » Global Edit Options
  • Tick the check boxes for questions after which you want to add separators or tick the left top check box to select all questions.
  • Then click on the Separator button.
  • Select the Add Separator or Remove Separator option.

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