Text question- Comment Box

What is a comment box?

A comment box is an open ended space where respondents can add comment and suggestions in the form of text.

To add a drop down question, goto: Login >> Surveys

  • Click on the Add a new question button.
  • Now you will see various options, under standard question types >> Text >> Comment box.
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  • You can add the question text as well as the option text in the open ended box. If you want multiple boxes you will need to add labels one per line.
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    • With the help of the rich text editor you can customize the look and feel of your text in a click.
    • You can also insert images using html tags from the image library. Check how


There are various settings available with this question type:-

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1. Validation & Display settings:

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  • Type: You can change the type of the comment box to the desired one after you add the question.
  • Display Text Box: You can decide where exactly do you want your text box to be positioned.
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  • Validation: You can enable validation and make the question mandatory. You can also validate a character limit as soon as you enable the option.
  • OtherOption:Customize Height/ Width: You can define on how many lines or character limit you wish to set to the comment box.
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  • Advanced settings:Data prepopulation: In the drop down you will find a list of custom variables in which you can save data. This data can be displayed in the comment box by default before the respondents enters any value. Check Data prepopulation and Custom Variables
  • Javascript: You can code your own javascript validation for the question. Check how

2. Look and Feel:

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  • Instructions/ Header: You can add instruction in the form of text which will be displayed on top of the question. Check how
  • Embed Video: You can insert a video into the question using Youtube or Image library. Check how
  • Question width: You can change the question width for the question in the survey.
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3. Tips:You can add tips on how to take the survey or what exactly the question means so that the respondent finds it easier to respond without any confusion. Check how


It helps to map questions from communities. Check how


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above