Compound Branching / Delayed Branching Logic

With simple branching you cannot set up logic based on responses to multiple questions. Also with Simple Branching the logic is executed immediately.

Compound Branching: With help of Compound Logic you can set up branching based on responses to multiple questions in the Survey.

Delayed Branching: With Delayed Branching you can set up Branching Logic based on a Question which was asked much earlier in the Survey.

Consider this example:

Q1: Gender Q2: Age Q3: General question to be answered by everybody Q4: General question to be answered by everybody Q5: General question to be answered by everybody

Now after Q5 respondents should branch to different questions based on their selection in Q1 AND Q2

Q6: To be answered only by respondents who selected Gender=Male and Age=18 and above Q7: To be answered only by respondents who selected Gender=Female and Age=18 and below

Now all respondents should again answer rest of the questions.

Q8: General question for all respondents Q9: General questions for all respondents.

Steps for setting this up:

Before setting up the logic, set up all the questions in the survey.
  • Step I: Since the logic should be executed after Q5, click on the Logic icon for Q5.
  • Step II: Select the Compound/Delayed Branching option.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Step III: On the Compound/Delayed Branching screen click on the Add Logic Criteria link. (You can also select from a Pre-Defined Criteria if you have already set up criteria)
  • Survey Software Help Image
      Following are the steps for setting up criteria:
    • Enter in a name for the criteria. Choose from the Segment Type.
    • Add the required criteria and click on Save Filter.
    • New criteria will get created. Click on the Save
  • Under If Criteria Met drop-down, select this criteria. Select the destination questions for if the logic matches or otherwise. Click on theSave Logic button.
  • Logic will be set up and you can review it and close the logic window.
This will set up the logic. Make sure you add a page break before Q8 for proper functionality.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Corporate Edition and above- Buy Now - $75/Month

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