Synchronizing data with the mobile app

Synchronization is a process which uploads the responses for survey(s) from QuestionPro Offline App into your QuestionPro account.

It also update the survey(s) in the app if there are any changes in it.

How can I synchronize data I collected offline?

Once you have an internet connection, you can click on the Synchronize button on the home screen. On an Android device, if you are in offline mode, click the settings gear at the bottom of the screen and then tap Synchronize.

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Please do not update your QuestionPro Offline App if you have collected offline data. First synchronize data with your online account, and then you can update your QuestionPro Offline App. For any changes you make to a survey you want to use in the mobile app, please make sure to sync your account on your device the next time you log in for the survey changes to be reflected in your account.

Below are some helpful tips which helps to synchronize properly:

  • Kindly make sure your device have internet access. (Preferably strong/fast connection)
  • Kindly confirm you have your App updated. (The app can be set to auto-update or can be updated manually from the Playstore/Appstore settings)
  • Sometimes if the survey is large or have a lot of questions in a single page, we face some difficulties/little more time than expected while sync( a rare scenario).

If still doesn't work well. Kindly export data for manual upload as per steps mentioned below:

Using QuestionPro Offline App, you can do an export data from settings >> Export Database >> Export data for manual upload.

It will open an email client with export content attached.

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Survey Software Help Image


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

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