Troubleshooting for slowness or Connectivity issues

Why am I facing slowness?

When the respondent hits the survey URL, following processes occur:

Step 1: A DNS request is made to resolve QuestionPro IP address.
Step 2: Respondents browser tries to establish connection to our servers.
Step 3: To establish a connection, a path to our servers has to be established. This is done by TCP/IP network stack as below.

Following is the path:

Client machine >> ISP GATEWAY >> Multiple Intermediate routers >> QP Datacenter ISP gateway/firewalls >> QP DATACENTER INTERNAL ROUTERS/Firewalls >>>> QP servers.

As depicted above, issues can occur anywhere in the chain, and some issues might not be even under QP's control. So we always need to work with customers for troubleshooting and getting that resolved.

Note: Because of any issue in the above chain, customers might experience slowness or errors while accessing QP.

What can be done in such cases?

In order to figure out the root cause of this issue we need the client/ respondents to run some commands on their end, that gives us the path taken by client request to our servers which helps us in debugging the issue.

Our network team would require those details in order to help you resolve/identify whether the issue is at QP end or client/customer end or somewhere in between.

We would require the output of below commands if you are facing slowness issue:

For installing the MTR tool you can refer this link.

  • For mac and Linux:
    • ping
    • traceroute
    • mtr -w --report -m 60
  • For windows:
    • ping -t
    • tracert
    • mtr -w --report -m 60

You can also use IP instead of domain name. To get the ip addresses for our site you can use tools like "nslookup" or "dig".

For example:


Non-authoritative answer:

For example:

mtr -w --report -m 60

For Windows:

ping -t
mtr -w --report -m 60

Depending on the datacenter you have signed up, the domain name/IP will change.

For US:
For EU:
For CA:

Note: Further steps will be performed by QuestionPro's admin team, once we are provided by these details.