Answer option headings

To add heading for answer options:

  • Go to
    • Login »  Surveys »  Edit »  Question's Edit icon »  Settings »  Validation & Settings
  • Survey Software Help Image

  • Click on Headings check-box
  • New fields will appear above each answer option.

    Survey Software Help Image

  • Add the headings desired for the answer options. If a heading will apply to multiple answer options, type the heading above the first option that will appear for that heading, and leave the other heading fields blank for the answer options. For example, if I have 6 answer options to be categorized under 2 headings (options 1-3 for heading 1; options 4-6 for heading 2), I would enter heading 1 before the first answer option, leave the heading fields above headings 2 and 3 empty, then put the second heading above answer option 4.
  • Click on Save Question

Headings for answer options are available only for Multiple Choice type questions.

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above