Nick Freiling Nick is the Director of InsightsHub at QuestionPro, where he works with Insights Directors to enhance workflows, organize data, and synthesize research across UX, CX and MRX teams. He has consulted on survey projects for Procter & Gamble, SpaceX, Getaround, Axios, and MIT. His writing and speaking on market research have been featured by Startup Grind, SeedReady, and Wordcamp. In 2016, he founded PeopleFish and surveyed more than 1M consumers for 300+ clients.


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Breaking Silos between UX, CX and MRX

Mitigate and reduce inefficiency with a centralized platform

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Over the past decade, top-performing companies have afforded UX, CX, and MRX teams more operational independence. And for a good reason. Studies...
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