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On line Connect feature immediately uploads the given response to the survey in a real-time manner. That means, the survey response is uploaded immediately to the server as soon as the user finishes answering the survey.

  • Turn on the "Online connect" option from Settings.
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    Survey Software Help Image
    Survey Software Help Image
  • Since the online connect is already enabled for the survey and if the device is connected with internet, the response submitted by the respondent will immediately sync and will get uploaded in the server and that response gets deleted from the local database.
  • If the device is not connected internet, the collected response will be saved in local database.
  • And every time when the survey is answered, the system re-checks for device internet connection. If connectivity is there, it will upload all the saved survey responses as well as the current response and delete them from local database.

Can I have a use case of using this feature?

Imagine you went to a shopping mall, and there are various stores. Each store will have an ipad to conduct a survey regarding their services. Once the customer takes the survey on the iPad, and if the online connect is enabled, then the management can view the responses collected real-time without manually uploading it.

Online connect will only upload the responses to survey and will not synchronize any changes done to the survey on the portal.


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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