Edit MicroPoll - How To?

You can edit the MicroPoll under My MicroPolls tab. Click on the Edit link for the MicroPoll you want to edit.

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You will be directed to the Edit MicroPoll tab where you can make changes to your MicroPoll.

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  • Poll Width: You can select from the pre-defined fixed widths or set the poll to Full Width if you want to have a custom width on your web site/page. On your web site set the poll in a HTML table and apply the custom width that you want to the table.
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  • Answer Type: Here you can select between Single Select / Multiple Select or Drop Menu type.
  • Button Text: Here you can enter the text that you want for the Vote/Submit button for the MicroPoll.
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  • Title / Text / Poll Colors:Click on the Title Colors link and you can select the colors from the pre-defined list or enter the hex/ HTML code for the color of your choice. Similarly you can change the Text Colors and the Poll Colors by clicking on the appropriate link.
  • Poll Corners:Here you can set the poll corners to either rounded or square.
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