Advanced Result Settings - How To?

Accessing the Advanced Result Settings

MicroPoll Result settings can be accessed under Edit MicroPoll tab. Here you can set up how the Results screen will look.

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  • Chart Color: Select the color for the bars that indicate the number/percent of votes for each answer option. You can select from the pre-defined colors or enter the hex/html code for the color after selecting the Custom Color option.
  • Results Link Text: Enter the text that you want for the link to your Results on the MicroPoll.
  • Result Protection: Select from the given options if you want to display results or not. Select the Results Always Displayed option to avoide respondents from voting multiple times.
  • Total Vote Count: Here you can select from the given options if you wish to display the total vote count on the MicroPoll.
  • Voting Trends Chart: Select if you wish to display Trend Charts on the MicroPoll and the type of charts.
  • View Map: Select this option to display the concentration and trend of voters across states in US. Currently only available for the USA.
  • Show Number of Votes per Option: By default the percentage of votes(%) is displayed on the poll. Checking this option will display the actual number of votes (Counts) instead of Percentage(%).
  • Site Links on Poll: Check this box if you wish to keep the MicroPoll branding. Uncheck to remove MicroPoll site links and advertisement. This option is available only for Corporate and above licenses.
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