Survey Authentication- SAML SSO

How to enable SAML SSO for your survey?

To set up SAML SSO survey authentication, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your QuestionPro account
  • Click on the User Profile Icon and then from the dropdown menu click on Global Settings
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  • Under SSO Authentication select SAML (Signed) from the dropdown menu and then select Metadata URL or Metadata File as the configuration type. For Metadata URL option paste the Issuer URL (ID) and for Metadata File option select the Issuer metadata (XML file) to upload, and paste the Single Sign On URL which you can get from your IDP and click on Save Changes
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  • Now, when you go to the Survey>> Settings>> Security there will be a new option available named as "Your Organization Name" SAML as the last option in the list. Select this security option and click on Save Changes
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  • Now, your survey is SSO (SAML) enabled which will allow only the authenticated users to answer your survey.
  • SAML SSO is an Organization level setting and hence this option will be now visible in all of your surveys under Survey>> Settings>> Security

How do I send additional user data to QuestionPro using SSO SAML Authentication?

You can send additional user data to your QuestionPro survey response by passing the data as attributes in the xml assertion and the atrributes will be stored as custom variable values for the response. All the attributes will be stored in the custom variables in a sequential manner first attribute will go in custom1, second attribute in custom2 and so on. You can also directly map the attributes to custom variables in the assertion for that you have to define the attributes in the format: custom1 = user.firstname and custom2 = user.lastname and so on.

Can I enable SSO on report links too?

Yes. You can restrict the report links to be accessed by authenticated users only. To enable SSO for report links follow the steps below:

  • Go to User Profile >> Global Settings.
  • Under SSO Authentication section, switch the Restrict Report links to SSO only toggle ON.
  • Click on Save Changes.
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Which of the report links support SSO authentication:

Following report links will be restricted to SSO after making the changes under Global Settings:

  • Dashboard report link.
  • Permalink/ Data segmentation link.
  • Cross-Tab report link.
  • Word cloud link.


This feature is available with the following license:


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