Setting up a time-out option

Countdown timer is a feature that actually sets a time limit on a survey. Respondents have to complete the survey within a certain period of time. When the timer runs out -- the survey closes and the responses are marked as incomplete. The minimum time limit is 1 minute and the maximum is 90 minutes.

How do I set up a time limit for my survey?

To set up time limit for the survey, go to:

  • Login » My Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit » Settings
  • Under Survey Settings, select the time in minutes for the Countdown Timer.
  • Click Save Changes
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Timer can be set for minimum 1 minute and maximum 90 minutes.

How does the time limit work?

A countdown timer will be displayed on the survey. Respondents have to finish the survey within the specified time. If respondents do not finish the survey within the specified time, the survey will end and the response will be marked as incomplete.

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Why would you ever want your survey to time out?

Believe it or not, answering a survey under a given time frame actually increases the quality of responses in terms of capturing the first thing that comes to the respondents mind. A classic use case would be a quiz survey. A Quiz Survey? Of course! Surveys aren't just for finding out what people think, they can be an ideal tool to find out what people know. And using a timer increases their concentration on the material. Too often, respondents are disengaged from surveys - they simply click on the extreme ratings; lowest, highest or right down the middle. Often these responses can't be used. Adding a timing feature increases their engagement and full participation.

What’s the benefit of using a countdown timer?

The biggest advantage of this feature is to reduce drop out rates. The respondents have to complete the survey as soon as they start it as there is a timer. They can not leave it and walk away from their desk etc.

Who do you see using this feature the most?

Market Researchers and people running Employee satisfaction surveys. When you have the employee answer the survey in a give time frame will get you more precise data as they don't have much time to think and alter their answer. Countdown timer follows the gaming trend - If you've been reading our articles, you know that we're big fans of making surveys more engaging and more fun -- the industry calls it Gamification. Big brands are using games to get their customers and fans more involved and online and mobile surveys have jumped into the fray as well.


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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