Invoice and Receipts / Payment History

Every time Your Card is charged an Invoice is generated. You can access all Invoices/Receipts from under "Invoices & Receipts".

  1. Go To:
    • Login »  Surveys »  User Profile »  Invoices & Receipts
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How to pay an Invoice using Credit Card?

To make payment for an Invoice you can click on the Credit Card link under the Pay By column.

How to Print the Invoice?

To open and Print the Invoice click on the Invoice Number link. This will popup a new window with the invoice details. You can then use the browser print functionality to print the invoice.

I have a cancelled / inactive account. How can I access my earlier Invoices?

To access your invoice you will need to log in with your correct username / password. You will be able to download the invoices once you log in. You can log in to your account and you will not be charged. However, if you re-activate your account you will be charged immediately.

Can I receive a paper receipt mailed (via post) to me?

No. We do not mail out receipts via postal mail. Electronic receipts are the only option.

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