Survey Timeout / Session Timeout

The timeout period for the Survey is 90 minutes.

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If the Survey times out. Will the data be saved?

Once the Survey times out on a particular page the data is not saved for that page. If it is a multi-page survey, the data will be saved for the pages where the respondents clicked on the Continue/Submit button.

Can the Timeout period be changed/removed?

It is not possible to change the default timeout period for the survey to be anything longer than 90 minutes. The timeout period is setup for security reasons. However, if you want to time out a survey after any time between 1 and 90 minutes, you can set up the countdown timer. The difference between the countdown timer and the timeout period is that the countdown timer will be visible to your respondents.

Will a Warning be displayed before the Survey times out?

Yes, 15 minutes before timeout a Warning will be given to the Respondents.

Respondents reported that they got timed out while taking the Survey. How can I avoide this from happening?

The Respondents will get timed out only if there is no activity on the Survey. If a Survey was opened multiple times or in multiple windows please ask the Respondents to close all windows. Clear out Cookies and open the Survey in a new window.

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