Embed Video - How to?

QuestionPro allows you to add videos to your questions on a survey. You can either use a video from a platform like youtube or if you have the video file, you can upload and use this video to display on the survey.

How to add/embed a video?

To embed a video in question, go to: Edit ยป Workspace

  • Click on Settings link for the question.
  • Click on Video. Under Video tab, you will see the Video option.
  • Under Video, you can either link to your youtube video or upload/use your own video file.
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How to embed a youtube video?

Copy the video ID for your youtube video. You can find the youtube video id from the youtube URL in the address bar or under share.

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Paste this ID in the youtube video ID field for the question.
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How to use your own custom video?

You can use your videos on surveys. To upload your video:

  • Click on Select From Library option from the drop down.
  • You can upload your video here or select if you have already uploaded the video earlier.
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Video files should be of format: mp4. Other file formats are not supported globally.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Professional and above

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