Bulk Edit Responses

You can edit responses in bulk to get standardized response types which further helps in making sense of the data. QuestionPro provides you the ability to edit multiple responses in one go.

How can you edit multiple responses in one go?

You can perform the following actions on multiple responses.

  • Edit (custom variables only)
  • Delete
  • Re-post to Salesforce
  • Re-post to Caspio

In order to perform any of these actions, select the required responses.

Once the responses are selected, a drop down will appear in the top right corner. You can select the required action from this drop down.

Go to: Survey » Manage Data » Responses

Survey Software Help Image
Note: Responses should not be edited without informing the respective respondent.

I am not able to see Re-post to Salesforce / Caspio options under actions. Why?

The Re-post to Salesforce / Caspio options are available only if the respective integrations are enabled.

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