Business Units - How to?

Every organization, big or small, has business units or departments. Adding your users under appropriate business units helps a lot with management. For example, if you have a marketing department and a product department, you can add them as separate business units and add users under the corresponding business units so you can assign proper permissions and access.

How to add business units?

You can add business units under your organization.

Go to: Login ยป My Account (Top Right Corner)

  • Click on the Organization option in the drop down.
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  • Click on Add New Business Unit button to add.
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  • Enter your business unit name and click on the Add button.
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How to add users to a business unit?

You can assign business units to existing users as well as new users. Click on the edit user link or the add user button. On the popup, select the business unit from the drop down and save changes to assign that user to a business unit.

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This feature is available with the following licenses:

Team and Enterprise

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