Weighting - Eliminating Sample Bias


At its simplest form, weighting/balancing allows you to adjust the data to account for sample bias. Sample bias occurs when your survey data (from your sample) does not accurately represent your target audience. Lets say for example, you are in the business of selling mens clothing. You also know that males form 80% of your customer base and purchasing decision. If you field a survey, and your survey response has 50% male and 50% female - you have sample bias. The data is leaning towards females, who constitute 50% of the survey data, but only constitute 20% of your customer base.

Once, you've determined that you need to adjust for sample biasing, you need to weight the responses and adjust the responses so this sample bias is eliminated.

Weighting and Balancing allows you to accomplish this.

Where can I access Weighting?

Go to: My Surveys (Select Survey) » Analytics » Manage Data » Weighting

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Survey Software Help Image

How do I setup weights for a particular question?

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How can I view the entire data-set adjusted for the weight?

Download the Excel Report and view the data adjusted for weights.

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What does the output look like?

The system produces an excel spreadsheet with the original data and the weighted data. This allows you to visually see the adjustments that have been made to eliminate the sample bias.

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What question types can I use to create the weights - for weighting and balancing?

For Weighting and Balancing you need to use Multiple Choice Single Select (Radio Button) Question Type. Multiple Select (Check Box) type questions or Matrix Questions cannot be used for Weighting and Balancing.


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