Qualtrics Data Import

Want to import a Qualtrics survey in QuestionPro?

For uploading survey with please go to: Login » Surveys » Integration » Qualtrics Data Import

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Step 1: Upload QSF file you get from Qualtrics

Upload the QSF files for survey's you want to migrate from Qualtrics. You can upload multiple QSF files simultaneously.

To know how to get a QSF file click here.

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Once you upload the QSF files, you can see the list of surveys created in QuestionPro. The surveys would be created in the "default" folder and you can move them in the folder you desire using the move survey option.

Step 2: Import Data into the new created survey from Qualtrics

In the imported survey list click on the "Import Data via CSV" option and upload the CSV data file you get from Qualtrics for the respective survey.

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Note: Please download the CSV data file from Qualtrics using the default settings.

Unsupported Question Types for Qualtrics Data Import

  • Highlight (Speciality Question)
  • Drill Down (Speciality Question)
  • Timing (Advanced)
  • Meta Info Question (Advanced)
  • Screen Capture (Advanced)
  • Side-by-Side Matrix
  • HeatMap
  • Hotspot
  • Card Sorting


  1. The questions in the survey which I upload in QuestionPro does not follow the order present in Qualtrics, what should I do?
    • You can simply re-order the questions and achieve the desired order of the questions in a survey. To know more about reordering the questions Click Here
  2. My survey in Qualtrics has Branch logic applied on few blocks, will the qsf file import or it will give me an error?
    • The qsf file will be uploaded and the survey will be created in your QuestionPro account but the logics will not be applied on the survey. QuestionPro does not import any logic present in the qsf file. You can apply the logics on your survey after importing it from the qsf file.
  3. When I tried to import the data via CSV file blank responses on the dashboard got created in my survey what should I do?
    • QuestionPro supports the regular data export from Qualtrics which contains the answer values. Kindly export the data again with answer values from your Qualtrics account and then upload it in your QuestionPro survey.
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