Security - using participant id for respondent login

Participant id is a unique id of the survey respondent which can be used for survey authentication. The unique id can be an employee id, student id, SSN (social security number) and so on. This is a required feature so that each survey response is unique and the survey respondent is who the researcher initially intended to be.

How can you set up security protocols for each individual respondent?

You can set up password security on the survey where each respondent has a unique ID (Employee ID, etc.) You can set this up using the Participant ID option from the Survey Authentication Options. To enable participant ID authentication, go to:

Login » Surveys » Edit » Security

  • Under Survey Authentication, select Participant ID from the Survey Authentication drop-down.
  • Enter the Participant ID Field Label as it appears in your lookup list. This is the title of the first column in your spreadsheet, CSV file, or list.
  • You may enter the label under Unique Key and enter the error message under Invalid Key
  • Click the Choose an Email List drop-down to upload a list with the Participant IDs (tokens).
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  • If you need to upload or create a new list, click Create New List.

  • Enter the List Name, then select the input method.
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  • To copy/paste or type Participant IDs, be sure to keep only one Participant ID per line.
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  • To upload, select the file and upload. Uploaded Participant ID files can have up to 255 custom variable fields in addition to the Participant ID. Note: The first column in the file must be the Participant ID. If there is an email list used to distribute the survey, and the email list has custom variables, the custom variables added under the Participant ID would be overwritten by the custom variables in the email list.

  • Check the box if the header row should be skipped (otherwise, it will be counted as the first set of data for the list.

  • Click Upload File.
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  • Click Finish once you have seen the data upload.

  • If at any time, you need to add more data to the list, click Manage Lookup List, then click Add/Upload Data. Select the way to add the information, then follow the previous steps to upload the data.

  • Create an email list, from the Send survey tab. The email addresses in this email list should equal the number of participant IDs. While sending the survey, you may select this email list. The participant IDs email list will be auto-synced to this email list that is created. The first participant ID will be synced to the first email address in this list and second participant ID to the second email address and so on.

  • When respondents take the survey, they will be required to enter their ID to proceed.
Note: Participant ID's are not case sensitive.

How can I include the participant IDs in the email invitation?

While creating the email list, you may add the Participant IDs as custom variable, and insert that custom variable with the syntax in the email invitation.

How can I restrict respondents from taking the the survey multiple times?

You can restrict multiple responses from the same respondents by enabling ABBS (Anti Ballot Box Stuffing) option..


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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