Text Settings

The settings QuestionPro provides for text type questions:

1. Add Prefix/ Suffix: You can add symbols or letters before and after the main text.

For example: Adding a “$” dollar sign as prefix to indicate that the text box will have an amount.

Adding a “%” percentage sign as suffix to indicate that the text box will have a percentage value.

2. Date Pre-population: Data can be saved within custom variables and then displayed within the text box. 255 custom variables can be used.

For example: In the email list you have saved custom variable 1 as ‘name’. And the first question in the survey is also a text box “Enter you name:”. We could populate the name into the textbox directly. In that way the respondent will not need to type in his/her name again.

3. Text Box Next To Question Text: Using this function you can change the position of the text box. You could place it below the question text or next to it.

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