Spider Chart Analysis

What is a spider chart?

A Spider chart is a graphical method of displaying multivariate data in the form of a two-dimensional chart of three or more quantitative variables represented on axes starting from the same point. The Spider chart consists of a sequence of equi-angular spokes, called radii, with each spoke representing one of the variables.

The Spider chart is also known as web chart, radar chart, star chart,star plot, cobweb chart, irregular polygon, polar chart, or Kiviat diagram

Spider Charts are useful for seeing which variables are scoring high or low within a dataset, making them ideal for displaying performance.

Having too many variables creates too many axes and can also make the chart hard to read and complicated. So it's good practice to keep Radar Charts simple and limit the number of variables used.

To overcome this issue we are using Artificial Intelligence based algorithm which by default will provide a spider chart with combination of top 5 and bottom 5 variables based on the mean scores.In addition, customize spider chart option will be provided.This algorithm will be used only if the number of variables exceeds 10.

If the variables are equal to or less than 10 then all the variables with mean will be shown in the spider chart.

How can I customize the spider chart?

To customize spider chart go to:

Reports » Configure Analytics » Customize Spider Chart

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By default we show 10 options in the spider chart. To display more options click on customize spider chart and select answer options to be displayed in the spider chart.

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  • By default top 5 and bottom 5 options displayed will be checked and color coded. Green represents top 5 variables and red represents bottom 5 variables based on the mean scores.
  • One can select/deselect the variables they wants to analyse apart from default selected variables.
  • All variables can also be selected by selecting header checkbox.
  • Options can be reset to default of top 5 and bottom 5 by selecting show top/bottom five. Update button will save the information selected.

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