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Embed Question In Email allows you to display the first question of the survey in the body of survey invitation.

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Can I add any question type to be embedded in the email?

No. Embed Question In Email feature will be enabled only if any of the below question type is used as the first question in the survey:

  • 1. Single Select
  • 2. Multiple Select.
  • 3.Net Promotor Score
  • 4.Presentation Text

What will happen if any other question type is added as the first question in the survey?

If any other question type is added as the first question in the survey, the Embed Question In Email check-box would not be displayed in the email invitation.

How can I enable the Embed Question In Email feature?

When the criteria to Embed Question In Email is met i.e. add any of the question (Single Select, Multiple Select or Net Promotor Score) as first question in your survey, a check box for this feature appears in the email invitation. You may tick this check-box to enable this option.

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Note: If answer options have Other option added or dynamic comment logic set on any of the options then it won't allow those questions to embed it on email invite.

This feature is available with the following licenses:

Free, Professional, Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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