Complex Grid | Flex Matrix - How To?

Adding a Complex Grid | Flex Matrix type question

  • Under Workspace click on the Add New Question link.
  • Click on Advanced Question Types
  • From the Add-On Modules option select the Complex Grid | Flex-Matrix type question
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On this screen enter the Header and Row (Attributes) options. Then add the different Dimensions and Save Question.

What are the different dimension types that can be added?

  • Rating Scale
  • Drop Down Menu
  • Vertical Attribute Choice
  • Verical Attribute (Multi-Select Checkbox)
  • Numeric Text Input
  • Comment Box
  • Interactive Slider (Horizontal)
  • Rank Order
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Can I edit the flex matrix question once it's created?

At this point, QuestionPro does not allow for editing the structure of the flex matrix question. You'll have to delete the question and re-create it if you want to change the structure.

Due to the complexity of this question, a number of options are unavailable, including Logic and Page Breaks.
License & Access Options

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Team Edition

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