Hubspot Integration

The QuestionPro - Hubspot integration creates a consistent interface between your QuestionPro survey data and your Hubspot contacts database.

The data collected via a QuestionPro survey can be used to create new contacts or update existing contacts in Hubspot in real time.


To connect to Hubspot via QuestionPro:

Go to Hubspot under the Integrations tab.

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You’ll need to enter your Hubspot API key in order to authenticate.

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To know how to get your Hubspot API key click here

Integration Type

QuestionPro supports two types of integration with Hubspot:

  1. Create Contact: This allows you to create a new contact in Hubspot
  2. Update Contact: This allows you to update an existing contact in Hubspot
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In case of the “Update Contact” integration, you’ll need to pass the Hubspot contact_id as custom1.

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Question Mapping

Once the integration type is selected, you can map each question in your survey to corresponding contact properties in Hubspot.

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Once the mapping is saved, the survey is connected to your Hubspot account. For each new response collected, data will be pushed to Hubspot in real time.


This feature is available with the following license:


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