Email Abuse Policy - Reporting Email/SPAM Abuse

"Report Abuse" link

Every email that goes out includes a "Report Abuse" link that email recepients can click on and report the email as SPAM. This is done to pro-actively measure and find out, in advance, when a large percentage of users report emails coming from you as SPAM.

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What happens if users report my email invitations and other emails that I send as SPAM and report it as abuse?

We do not take any action as long as your abuse reporting rate is within 10% of the threshold rate. The threshold is calcualted daily and is an average abuse reporting rate across all our clients. The threshold rate is not a fixed number but a moving average across all of our clients.

Can I disable the "Report Abuse" link?

No - If you wish to send out email using our systems, it is mandatory that you abide by CAN-SPAM laws. As part of our effort to pro-actively monitor email abuse, we include a "Report Abuse" link with all emails that go out. We can thus find out automatically which users have an excessive complaint rate as compared to the rest.

I would like to send out emails as someone else - I would like to mask my identity. Can I do this?

No - It is illegal (CAN-SPAM Act 2003) to send out bulk email with incorrect or misleading identifying information. It is also against our Terms of Service.

Can I find out who has reported my emails as abuse?

No - To protect the anonymity and privacy of the recipients we will not divulge the identities of the users who report abuse.

Can I be incorrectly marked by a malicious user who reports abuse multiple times for the same email?

No - Each email can only be reported as abuse once - Our system will not accept abuse complaints more than once for the same email.

What happens if I exceed the spam abuse limit?

Your account will be blocked. A verification team will give you a call to verify the details. There is a high possibility that your account may not get unblocked. Reporting QuestionPro's links as spam, blacklists our servers, therefore we take these complaints very seriously.

Note: Enterprise license level users will have a higher cap limit for their spam abuse report count.

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