Comparision Operators / Logic Operators

Following Operators are available for Grouping / Branching Logic:

Operator Name Example Desscription
Selected Equal Gender = Male Checks if selection is equal to Male
Not Selected Not equal Gender != Male Checks if Gender is not equal to Male

Note: the "Not Equal" Operator: This does not take into account un-responded questions. It essentially is an "OR" between all the other options except for the chosen answer.

Multiple Criteria Segmentation:

Multiple criteria segmentation is a mechanism to allow for data segments across multiple questions. For example if you want to segment data based on age and gender -- you would use the multiple criteria segmentation tool. You can use AND/OR logic for multiple criteria segmentation.

For example, you could create a data-segment/logic criteria where Gender = Male OR AGE > 25 etc.

Important : For OR logic to work properly the question(s) on which the logic is based are required to be answered. Please make sure that the questions are validated.
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